War Has Been Declared

My sister has always enjoyed buying the loudest, most annoying toys she can find for my kids. I don't know why she does this but she says she thinks it's funny.

I warned her for years that one day she would have children of her own and that when she did there would be payback.

You can imagine my delight when she had twin boys 5 years ago. Twins! Just think, I'll be buying 2 of every annoying toy there is! Karma really is a bitch you know.

When the boys were little there really weren't many things I could buy them that would annoy their mother but I waited patiently, knowing that the day was coming.

But as they've gotten older I always feel a little guilty and end up buying something that makes a little noise but not the full on, annoy your mother to no end, kind of toys.

Until now.

This is what she gave each of my boys for Christmas this year.

Whips! She gave them whips!

I watched in stunned disbelief as the boys unwrapped them. "You gave them whips?" I asked.

"They're not REAL whips, you have to take some kind of test to get real whips"
she says innocently.

What was she thinking?

And you know what happened next.

So this is it. The gloves are coming off and war has been declared. I have 364 days to find the most annoying gifts known to man. And I will find them.

I'm thinking maybe a guitar, drums and a Mr. Microphone - just for starters.

Anyone else got any ideas? I'll be taking suggestions until next December.

I'm coming for you little sister. Be afraid - be very afraid LOL