The Boat Is Gone!!!

Captain Lee has finally taken the boat away. He told me when I sold it to him that it would be after New Year's Day before he could get it, so even though he paid me for it back before Christmas, the boat has continued to sit in the driveway.

And then the other morning I heard some noise in the driveway and there was the Captain, putting air in the trailer tires, ready to move the boat.

I was so excited. I've been waiting years for this day to come and finally it has arrived!

Captain Lee seems happy with his purchase

I was shocked that the trailer tire held air (it had some major dry-rot going on) and to be honest I expected the rust on the trailer to jiggle loose and for the boat to come crashing down onto the driveway as soon as he moved it.

But, fate was on our side and he hooked her up and pulled out

The trailer made a horrible, creaking, groaning sound as he turned out of the driveway and he looked pretty concerned for a minute

But then he straightened out and off they went

Good-bye boat! We had fun but your time with us is up. Thank God.