Double Stuck

About a month or so ago the Island King did a photo shoot in a house on the Gulf. After he finished, he was standing on the balcony when he noticed this guy

In Walton County you can purchase a pass to drive on the beach but obviously no one told this man that you need 4 wheel drive.

The Island King watched him, wondering what the guy would do next.

He must have decided that he needed a little liquid help to determine his next move.

The Island King walked over to the other side of the balcony and saw a Fish and Wildlife truck and thought maybe they could help the guy.

A closer look changed his mind.

They were stuck too!

The Fish and Wildlife guys spent a few minutes digging sand out from around their tires and then tried to pull out.

They should know that because our sand is so soft you can't dig your way out once your stuck.

I guess they called for help (don't you know they hated having to make that call) and then decided to walk out to the beach.

Meanwhile, the guy in the white truck has found some help.

And then the Fish and Wildlife guys found him.

They talked for a minute and then headed back to their truck, where help was waiting.

It wasn't long before they were unstuck and on their way.

Once both trucks were back on solid ground, the Island King walked down to the beach and talked to the guy who'd helped the man in the white truck. The guy told him that the Fish and Wildlife guys came walking up and they talked for a minute about people not knowing they can't drive on the beach without 4WD.

The Island King laughed and asked if the Fish and Wildlife guys had mentioned that they were stuck too. They hadn't mentioned that and the guy said he was surprised to see them on foot since they usually patrol in their truck. Now he knows why they were walking LOL

Even with 4WD there are places that you can't get through and the Fish and Wildlife guys found one. I feel a little sorry for them because I'm sure they'll be teased about this for a long time. They'd probably be really unhappy to know these pictures exist LOL