A New Stove For Me

I have a new stove! Actually, I've had it since right before Christmas but I'm not counting the time it spent waiting to be installed.

Our neighbors offered to sell us the stove that goes with the refridgerator we bought last month and since my stove is over 20 years old I jumped at the offer. And then immediately changed my mind because it was right before Christmas and I didn't really have the money to spend on a new appliance.

I mentioned it to my mother and she called me back later asking if I'd like for her and my dad to buy me the stove for Christmas. Of course I said yes (thanks Mom and Dad!) and a few days later we got the stove from next door.

And then it sat in my living room, right in the way of everything, waiting for the Island King to install it. The stove we have is a drop in and the new one is a stand alone so I knew the trim along the bottom of the cabinets would need to be cut but I thought it would be a simple, 10 minute process. The Island King didn't think so.

I hate it when he's right.

Because he was convinced that it was going to be a major project, he started stalling. Every day there was a new reason he couldn't get to it that day and the stove continued to sit. In the living room. Which became annoying pretty fast.

So I was left with no choice but to go on a food strike. I told him that I wasn't going to prepare another dinner until my new stove was installed. He just grimaced the first night of the strike as he handed over some cash for fast food. When the pizza arrived the next night I sent him to the door to pay the man and I could tell by the "Do you know how much this costs?" comment and the look on his face that the strike was working.

It was time to bring out the big guns.

There is a Chinese restaurant here in town that has REALLY good food. The food is good but the portions are a little small and it's pretty expensive to feed my family dinner from there. But we really like their food so a couple of times a year we'll splurge and place an order.

The night after the pizza came, the delivery man from the Chinese place came to the door and I thought the Island King was going to have a heart attack when the guy told him how much he owed. He ranted and raved for a while and then I said "You know that it's a lot cheaper to cook dinner every night than to order take out but I don't have a stove so I guess we'll just have to budget an outrageous amount of money for food this month."

It wasn't 5 minutes after he finished eating that he had his tools out, ready to install the stove LOL Boycots can be amazing motivators.

I was going to photograph the installation process but as soon as he pulled the old stove out he could see more problems than he'd anticipated and already being cranky from paying the dinner bill, he was in no mood for me to be hanging around taking pictures LOL

It's a long and complicated story but it ended up taking him 4 hours to get it installed. Yeah!!! I have a new stove!

Or not.

Everything on the top of the stove worked fine. The burners burned and the clock worked but Bake and Broil? Wasn't happening. Nothing from either element.

I know it worked when it was next door so why doesn't it work now? And why does everything on the top work if the oven isn't working?

One of the things that the Island King had to do when he put the new stove in was add a plug. Our old stove was wired directly to the house but the new stove has a plug so he bought an outlet and wired it up.

After researching the problem I learned that the top of the stove runs off of 110v but the oven elements work off of 220v. This made me wonder if the new outlet was wired correctly. The Island King seemed shocked that I would question his wiring ability and denied, repeatedly, that the problem could be from the new plug.

He thought about it for a while and then came into the kitchen and told me that he didn't believe it was the plug but that he was going to check it anyway - just to "humor" me.

He pulled the stove out, rewired the plug outlet and turned the power back on.

And it worked!

If I were a better person I would be able to say that I handled the joy of being right with dignity and grace. Obviously I'm not a better person because I danced around the kitchen singing "I was right and you were wrong" and poking him with my fingers LOL

The very next night I put together some awesome looking kabobs for a celebration dinner. And then burnt them in my new oven.

Some things never change.