Operation Rocket Launch

The Oldest Island Boy got a rocket for Christmas and he's been waiting anxiously to launch it. Today was the day, and about mid afternoon he and the Island King sat down to assemble the rocket. It took them a lot longer than they expected and ended up finishing closer to dark than they thought they would.

But it wasn't dark yet and the Oldest couldn't wait any longer so we drove up to the school to launch it in the big parking lot next to the track.

They set it up.

The Island King connected the wire to the launch control box.

The Oldest took the control pad, did a NASA style countdown and pushed the button.

And nothing happened.

A little wire jiggling and head scratching took place.

The Oldest took the control pad again. He did his countdown and pushed the button.
And off it went!

The rocket has a parachute attached to it and according to the box it will go straight up about 600 feet and then come floating back down in relatively the same area.

Didn't happen.

See that yellow house over there?

The rocket went straight up about 100 feet and then took a sharp northward turn and shot full speed into that backyard. No parachute, no returning to the same area, it flew across the parking lot, across the street and straight into those people's back yard.

There was only one thing to do

The people were nice and they told the Island King that rockets land in their backyard all of the time so we must not be the only people who thought this parking lot would make a good launch pad.

Fortunately, they found the rocket in an azalea bush and everything was still intact and ready to launch again.

It was completely dark by this time so we had to scrub any further launches.
The Oldest was a happy camper and the fact that he had to go into someone's backyard to retrieve the rocket just added to the fun.

We'll be back another day soon and maybe this time the parachute will work.