The Casket Truck

As we were driving to see the King and Queen of Spain the other day I noticed a truck in my rear view mirror. It was coming up behind me pretty fast, weaving in and out of traffic and trying very hard to get in front of the pack of cars driving along.

Just as we pulled up to a red light the truck swerved in front of me and then slammed on brakes for the light.

I made some derogatory comment about his driving and then the Island King and I started chatting about something else. It took a minute for the words on the back of the truck to sink in.

It was a casket delivery truck! I can't recall ever seeing a casket delivery truck before and the Island King couldn't either.

When the light turned green the truck took off really fast. The Island King has his camera out and is telling me to catch up to the truck because he wants a picture of the side of the truck.

My van has pretty good pickup but this truck left me in the dust. He was going so fast and darting in and out of traffic that there's no way I could have caught him.
I hit 60 and he was so far ahead of me that he must have been doing at least 80.

We never did see the side of the truck but we spent the next few minutes wondering why a casket delivery truck needs to go so fast.

Was the driver late for a funeral? Surely the funeral home would have secured a casket sooner than the day of the funeral, right?

Are people waiting on him? Seems like the people waiting on him would have a little extra time on their hands.

Or is he just out drumming up business? With that kind of driving it wouldn't have been too hard.

It was a little bizzare but it gave us something to talk about for the rest of the trip LOL