Doing Much Better

Thank you all for the prayers, hugs and well wishes you've sent our way!

The Youngest is doing much better today. His hand is feeling better.

We took him to the doctor for a recheck last night and they put a big bandage on it that he will need to wear for a week or maybe a little longer. The skin has blistered up and they want him to keep it covered to help prevent infection.

He hasn't needed any pain meds since yesterday afternoon and while it is still very painful it's something he can tolerate.

He's still not quite up to running around or playing but he's happy and comfortable watching movies and playing Playstation games with one hand.

He's learned a valuable lesson about fire that I don't think he'll ever forget and I've got at least 100 new gray hairs but we're moving forward again. We'll start back to school tomorrow and he should be outside playing by the weekend.

Thanks again - your comments really mean a lot to me and have helped more than you know!