Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First Photos With The New Camera

Saturday afternoon the Island King wanted to try out his new camera so we took a walk along Norriego Point.

It was a warm, beautiful day and there were all kinds of boats out.

These people looked like they were having fun.

I see this little boat running through the harbor and in the Bay all of the time. I'd like to have one to run around in myself.

I wouldn't mind having one of these either.

The Pass was calm and beautiful.

This duck sat perfectly still the whole time we were there but every once in a while he'd let out a loud quack. We tried to get his attention but he wanted to be left alone.

These little guys (Plover, maybe?) watched us all afternoon.

We passed this Funyun on the beach. Scary that after who knows how long in the salt water this Funyun still looks like a Funyun LOL

We walked for a while and then sat down to watch a beautiful sunset.

I think this is going to be a good camera for us and the Island King seems really happy with it. Now, if I could just pry it out of his hands for a minute and give it a try myself...
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