Mockingbirds Can Be A Little Rude

This is our resident squirrel. He spends a lot of time teasing our dogs and he eats all of the bird seed I put out but I really like the little guy.

Yesterday, he made his way over to the palm tree and bellied up to the huge cluster of nuts growing there.

He would rifle through the bunch with his paw, carefully choosing which one he wanted next. He'd nibble the green, outside covering off, throw the rest on the ground and then get another one.

He'd been sitting there for about 15 minutes when we heard a loud squawking coming from a nearby tree. Suddenly, this Mockingbird swooped down towards him, screaming something in bird speak that must have really scared the poor guy.

He took off as fast as he could and the Mockingbird landed on the branch where he'd been sitting.

The Mockingbird made his way up into the middle of the nuts and then stayed there.

He never ate any of the nuts or even acted like he might want to - he just didn't want the squirrel to have them.

Oh well, Mockingbirds can be a little rude but we love them anyway.