Point Washington State Forest

Sunday afternoon we drove over to Point Washington State Forest to look for a geocache and spend some time in the woods.

Point Washington is a 15,000 acre State Forest located in South Walton County.
It's relatively flat ground covered with pine trees and palmetto bushes and there are several good trails that run through it.

They have a huge deer population and we saw several while we where there.

The first ones were standing along the side of Hwy 98 just as we entered the Forest.
As we drove by the Island King commented that once again our nature photography skills seem to be seriously lacking since the camera was still in it's case on the back seat.

I turned around and as we were driving back the Island King was getting his camera ready. He started giving me directions on how to approach the deer so he could get some good shots but to be honest I was making a U-turn on a busy highway and not really listening to him at all.

In a "failure to communicate" moment I pulled over at the wrong spot and spooked the deer.

He did get a couple of shots of them running away though LOL

We left the highway and drove into the woods in search of the cache. It was a nice long drive along a good trail and we spotted several deer running across the road in front of us as we drove along. It's amazing how fast they can run!

We drove to about 300 feet from the cache and then parked and hiked in to where the cache was hidden.

The Oldest Island Boy made the find. This wasn't a hard one because the cache was bright purple. Not much risk of muggles out here.

Back in the truck, we thought about turning around and going back the way we came but that magical question "I wonder where this road goes?" came up and we decided to follow the trail and see where we ended up.

The best adventures always happen on the road less traveled.

Until this point we'd been on dry trails but as we drove farther along the trail started getting smaller and muddier and muddier.

I was driving and I like muddy LOL

We came to the first mud hole and as the Island King is telling me that he thinks we should turn around I decided we should go for it.

I thought we'd hit dry ground again just around the corner but the farther we went the wetter it got.

We were fully committed by this time and the Island King spent half the time yelling "You're a crazy woman! You're going to total my truck in one of these holes!" and the other half of the time yelling "Don't let off the gas or we'll sink!"

The trail was getting more narrow by the minute and I was beginning to wonder if maybe I needed to figure out how to turn around without getting stuck when we drove up out of the mud and onto a small berm.

And could tell that we'd come to the end of the road.

The Island King was pretty stressed by this time and it took a few minutes for him to realize that we'd made it without sinking in the mud, ripping something important off the bottom of the truck or slamming into a tree. LOL

Once he'd calmed down a little he must have caught some of my enthusiasm because he said "I'm driving back and now that we know we can make it this will be fun."

I don't know what came over him because normally he's a little on the girl side when it comes to 4 wheeling but he turned the truck around, made sure everyone had their seatbelts on and then floored it.

We flew down that trail. The truck was bouncing and stuff went flying everywhere and we hit those mud holes head on. It was great! 4 wheeling at it's best.

We followed a few more trails before making our way back onto the highway. It was getting dark and was obvious we weren't going to be hunting any more caches so we drove around a little neighborhood that backs up to the forest.

This little guy was sitting on a quiet dead-end street and he looked so cute I had to take a picture of him.

It's hard to imagine that they have a speeding problem on that road so maybe he's their ounce of prevention LOL

We didn't find all of the caches on our list but we sure did have fun driving through the woods.