Saturday Afternoon Boat Ride

My BIL bought a new boat this past week and wanted to put her in the water today to see how she runs. It's a used boat but seems to be in pretty good shape.

It was windy and rain squalls were coming in out of the Gulf every couple of hours but it was really warm and BIL couldn't stand it any longer so he called to see if we wanted to go for a boat ride. And of course we did.

We took my horrible point and shoot camera because the weather was bad so the pictures are terrible but I guess bad pictures are better than no pictures at all LOL

This is my BIL with two of his kids and his new toy.

They put the boat in the water

And then fiddled with a bunch of stuff while the kids waited impatiently

Finally, they were ready and off we went

We puttered up into Joe's Bayou and looked at the huge houses

I'd like to have this one

Because it has this

I told the Island King he could live in the boathouse and I could live in the big house. That way his fishing, hunting, photo taking stuff could pig up his house and not mine. He said he'd love it! He'd put in a disco ball and play Donna Summer's music all night long. He's odd like that.

You can't really tell from the picture but the name of this boat is "Terror"
From the rigs we saw it appears to be a shark fishing boat. I don't know about you, but you couldn't pay me enough money to go out in the Gulf in a boat named "Terror" LOL

We'd no sooner left the dock than the Youngest Island Boy wanted to climb the Cobia tower and go REAL fast LOL

We cruised out into the Bay but it was pretty choppy out there and as soon as my BIL started going a little faster my nephew lost it. Apparently the boy doesn't like to go fast - at all.

So we turned the boat around and I agreed to wait with the kids on the dock while the Island King and BIL made a run out into the Bay to see how the boat runs at cruising speed.

My kids put up a serious fuss about having to stay on the dock so while I stayed with my niece and nephew the little boys went back out with the big boys.

They turned around, idled away from the dock and then opened her up.

And in true marine craft form, she promptly died.

They sat out there for a while trying to get her started again and were finally able to limp back to the dock - with a kid who couldn't see over the wheel driving LOL

Our little adventure didn't last long but it was a nice break on a rainy Saturday afternoon.