The Screaming Explained

We aren't football fans. And not being football fans, Super Bowl Sunday isn't a big day for us. I had to look on the internet the other day just to see who was playing.

So today we decided to spend the afternoon working in the backyard. The people behind us were having a big Super Bowl party. They spent the afternoon cooking on the grill, tossing a football around and consuming what must have been large amounts of beer. And at 5:00 they all went inside and by 6:00 we could hear them screaming at the television.

The Island King and I laughed and talked about how we just don't get the whole yelling and screaming at the tv thing. Not being fans, whatever happens that gets people so riled up, escapes us.

After dinner we sat down in the living room and I turned on the tv. I said "Well let's turn on the Super Bowl and then we can at least say we saw some of it" and I flipped to the channel it was on.

We watched 2 plays and then we saw Harrison's touch down. Holy Cow!

The next thing you know all 5 of us are jumping up down, screaming "Run! Run! Go! Go!" at the top of our lungs.

And man did he run!

After we calmed down, the Island King and I looked at each other and just died laughing. An hour and a half ago we were talking about not understanding how people can get so involved in a football game and here we are screaming at the top of our lungs for this man to RUN!

Needless to say we watched the rest of the game and while we didn't feel moved to do any more jumping up and down or screaming, it was an interesting game.

I don't think we'll suddenly become big football fans but we have a better understanding of why there's so much screaming LOL