Sunday Night Trip To The Emergency Room

Last night I was in the office talking to the Island King when the Oldest Island Boy burst into the room yelling that the Youngest had burned himself.

We went flying down the hall and found the Youngest screaming in the bathroom. His left thumb was burned pretty bad and we could tell his arm and index finger were burned as well.

We covered it with ice, grabbed the car keys and drove straight to the Emergency Room where they confirmed that his thumb has second degree burns all over it and his finger and arm have first degree burns on them. They covered the burns with cream and gave him a big dose of a liquid pain killer and after about 30 minutes he was able to calm down and relax a little.

I had a candle burning on the dining room table and somehow (the story never was really clear) the Youngest got a piece of paper he was holding too close to the flame and caught the paper on fire. He said he was afraid that if he dropped it the house would catch on fire so he ran with the burning paper to the fireplace. The glass doors to the fireplace were closed and while he was trying to open them to throw the paper inside the paper burned up and the fire got his hand.

Thank God he's going to be alright but his hand is burned pretty bad and he's going to hurt for quite a while. Once we got home he crawled into my lap on the couch and stayed there. He wouldn't let me put him down at all so we stayed that way all night.

He woke up about every half hour crying until about 4:30 when he finally fell good and asleep.

I feel so bad for the little guy! And I feel guilty for leaving him in the room with a candle burning - although in my defense I did feel like a 7 year old could be in the room with a candle and not catch himself on fire. Obviously, I was wrong about that.

I'm sitting here now waiting for the pharmacy to open so I can get his pain meds filled and hoping he doesn't wake up until then.

I swear it feels as if someone is sticking a knife straight into my heart when one of my kids is hurt and to hear him crying last night was physically painful. I'm hoping I can have his meds here before he wakes up so I can immediately give him a dose and keep him from hurting.

On a lighter note, once his pain meds starting working last night in the ER we were talking to the doctor about how this happened. We told him about the Youngest catching the paper on fire and before we could finish the story the Youngest piped up and explained that he was afraid to drop the paper because he didn't want to catch the house on fire. Then he looked at me and said "He has to know why I didn't drop the paper because if he thinks I just stood there with it burning me he'll think I'm mentally retarded" LOL

So today we'll be sitting on the couch, watching movies and hopefully he won't be hurting too bad.

I swear I will have a head full of gray hair by the time these boys are grown!