Sunday, February 1, 2009

Things Are Breaking Right And Left!

This past week was one of those weeks where some things went really right while other things went really wrong.

I started the week off with a huge email out to over 100 Realtors. I wanted to drum up some new business and it worked. The phone started ringing Monday afternoon and by Tuesday morning we were booked solid for the week.

The Island King left Tuesday morning with 4 shoots on his list and I didn't expect him back until dark. I was surprised when he came in about noon and then worried when I saw the look on his face. The man was madder than a wet hen!

He stomped around, muttering and cussing and it took a while before I got what he was mad about.

He was on his 2nd shoot when it happened. He was shooting a kitchen and on the wall was a shelf with a huge, lit candle sitting on it. Somehow he backed into the shelf and when he did the candle fell over on his head, pouring hot wax all over his head and ALL OVER HIS CAMERA. The camera immediately shut itself off and he started frantically trying to get the wax off of the camera.

He finally got the camera to turn back on but when he snapped a picture the shutter locked open and wouldn't budge.

He had wax all in his hair, all over his shirt and a dead camera.

This is very bad! We have shoots scheduled all week and a dead camera.

We talked about having the camera repaired but it's a Nikon D70 and after talking to the Nikon people we realized that it will cost at least $300 to fix the shutter mechanism. The camera is getting old and we really need to upgrade to something with more mega pixels so it looks like now's the time.

He started researching the D300 which is the camera that he really wanted but it was just too expensive for this unplanned purchase. We finally settled on the D200 which has most of the features the D300 offers but is quite a bit cheaper.

Wednesday evening he ordered the D200 and it was to arrive on Saturday. We were able to reschedule our clients for next week and thought we had everything under control.

Until Thursday morning. The Island King came into the office and turned his computer on and it wouldn't boot. He worked on it for quite a while and the final diagnosis came in as a fried mother board.

So off he goes to the computer place to get a new mother board. They don't have the kind he needs and will have to order it and it won't be here until Tuesday.

Well this is not good. We've just bought a new camera and now we have to have work done on his computer. And we have a list of clients waiting on photos and if they don't get them soon they'll call someone else and we'll lose their business.

The good news is that we do have these clients lined up and their money will help replace the shocking amount that we've had to spend this week.

The only bright spot for the week was seeing the owl - and the surprising fact that even though it's not great we did get a picture of him.

I think the worse part of the week has been that since his camera and computer are both broken, the Island King has been wandering around and getting under foot.
It's funny because normally I'm telling him that he needs to turn his computer off and spend some time with us but this week he's been in my face from morning til night and I'm REALLY ready for that computer to be fixed soon LOL

I'm hoping that next week will run smoothly, that nothing will break and we'll have no drama. Cross your fingers for us!
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