Divorce Flyers?

When I checked the mail today there was an envelope from the North Florida Safety Council addressed to the Island King.

I open all of the mail that looks like business or commercial stuff and leave personal mail on the Island King's desk for him to open. This didn't look personal to me so I opened it along with the other mail.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this.

A flyer for divorcing parents. Hmm.

He was sitting across from me so I said "Is there something you want to tell me?" and showed him the flyer.

He was as surprised as I was and then assured me that he wasn't secretly trying to divorce me.

It didn't take a lot to reassure me - I'm pretty sure I'd know if he were filing for divorce LOL

The envelope was stuffed with about 200 of these flyers.
Are we supposed to put these out somewhere?
What kind of mailing list is he on now?

The next day he called the NFSC and they say his name is on a list of people who have signed up to pass out these kind of info flyers. He told the woman that he was pretty sure he hadn't signed up for that LOL

Later that evening, after the kids complained about homework, fought, and broke a bowl with the ball they aren't supposed to have in the house, I reminded him that if he does divorce me we won't need to take those parenting classes anyway.

He's taking the kids and I'm sailing away to the Bahamas on a yacht with some nice, handsome boat captain.

Revenge could be so sweet LOL