He Caught A Big One

My BIL went Cobia fishing again on Friday and this time he caught the big one. The Island King had work to do so BIL went alone and don't you know that's the day he pulled in a HUGE Cobia.

The Island King met him at the dock and told him to hold it up so he could get a picture of it.

That was easier said than done LOL

Maybe we should hang him up...

Much better.

This is a huge fish! 73.6 pounds - 53 inches long. Really big.

Ever wonder what a big Cobia has for lunch?

An octopus

And 4 stingrays

Wonder what Sandcastle Momma had for dinner?

The food chain is an amazing thing LOL

I felt kind of sorry for the big guy.

But then he showed up here and I didn't feel so bad.

Thanks Sandman, we enjoyed the fish!