Mean Goose Encounter

After spending a few months a little burnt out on geocaching I've once again caught the fever so we've spent some time recently finding park and grabs and exploring unknown parks in nearby towns.

I noticed a few days ago that someone has hidden a new cache at the duck pond, which is just around the corner from my house.

Up until recently there were several families of ducks living there but they haven't been around for a while so I think they may have headed South trying to escape the cold.

There are also lots of Terns, Gulls and other shorebirds that frequent the spot and it's not unusual to see a Great Blue Heron or two.

Oh, and the duck pond is also home to 3 Geese.

Doesn't he (or is that a she?) look sweet with those floppy orange feet?

Well, he's not.

He seems to have some sort of anger management problem because as soon as I walked towards him he got a little irate.

And then he got a lot irate. He started honking and throwing his head back and snapping his beak at me.

I wish I had a picture of him coming at me but to be honest I was busy backing up. Is he going to bite me? Will it hurt? Will I have to beat him off of me? And just what exactly is the proper procedure to follow when one is being chased by a goose? Should I run? Play dead? What the #%^**?

I backed WAY up and he finally turned around and started back to the others, still honking and snapping his beak.

And the geocache that I wanted to find? Well it's in the bushes behind the geese and I'm sure not going to try getting past them again. I decided to come back this afternoon with the Island King. I'll tell him the geese like to have their picture taken and then while the mean one is chasing him I'll look for the cache.

Unless I'm too busy laughing at the Island King being chased by a goose LOL