Friday, March 27, 2009

Plumbing Update

My plumbing woes are over!! Hooray!!!

The Island King got up this morning and decided that we didn't need to call a plumber and that he could handle this himself.

"My grandfather was a plumber" he tells me so he "should be able to fix it himself".

"My BIL is a gastroenterologist but that doesn't mean I know how to fix butts" I tell him.

He ignored me and off he went to Home Depot to rent an electric snake. I warned him that it was Friday and that if he couldn't fix it I was calling a plumber and I don't know what they charge for working on a Friday night but that I was having this problem fixed - today!

He came home with the electric snake and after half an hour of wrestling it into the pipes he declared the pipe clear.

"How are we going to know?" I ask.

He tells me that we're going to put the hose down the washing machine pipe and if water comes spewing out of the sink like it did last night then the clog is still there. If it doesn't the clog must be gone.

So we did and not a drop came out of the sink pipe.

Next, he reconnected the piped under the sink and turned the faucet on.

And it drained!!!

It's amazing how excited a person can get over a sink that drains LOL

So now I'm washing towels and cooking dinner and once again all is right with the world.
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