Rest In Peace Uncle Kris - We're Gonna Miss You

Kris Powell

It's a sad day here at our house. The Island King's uncle passed away this morning.

Kris was one of the most unique people I've ever met. Odd, quirky and even weird - all of which made him the man that we loved.

He was an excellent poker player and we spent countless hours playing 5 Card Stud and MacIntosh. I lost untold amounts of money to him and never minded a bit because we always had so much fun.

One particular poker night stands out in my mind. We'd been playing for a while and he kept saying that he thought something was "off". He started watching the cards real close and saying that he was sure the Island King was trying to cheat him. The Island King adamantly denied it but Kris was sure that something funny was going on.

A few minutes later Kris yelled "I knew it!" and showed us his hand. There were 3 jokers in it. We'd been playing all evening with 3 jokers LOL Somehow a joker from another deck of cards had gotten mixed in with the deck we were using and as you can imagine, an unknown 3rd joker will throw a kink into any poker game.

He knew we weren't trying to cheat him but from that night on he always showed up with a sealed deck and would tell people "You've gotta watch those 2, they'll slide an extra joker in the deck"

He would tell that story at every poker game and then laugh because even though there were 3 jokers that night he still cleaned us out LOL

Family poker games just won't be the same without him.

God speed, Big Kris - we'll miss you.