So Now He's A Nice Goose?

I took the Island King to the duck pond this afternoon, told him the geese seemed to really like the camera and that he needed to take some pictures of them.

As hard as it was, I was able to tell him this with a straight face and I was able to conceal the glee I was feeling at the thought of the goose chasing him. I know that sounds mean (and it might be) but we've been together for almost 21 years and sometimes I want to see a goose attack him LOL

We got to the duck pond and then fate struck a cruel blow.

The goose walked right up to him and then rubbed up against his leg like a cat.

WHAT?! That goose came after me today with blood in his eyes and now he's rubbing against the Island King's legs like the tamest of house cats.

Doesn't that figure?

I told the Island King what had happened to me earlier and he looked at me like I was crazy. Didn't believe a word I said.

Until a minute later when a man rode by on a bicycle and the goose took off after him, honking and carrying on like he did with me this morning.

As soon as the man got farther away the goose came back to us, honked once at me and then started rubbing up against the Island King again.

Disgusting. So now the man is some kind of goose charmer.

I was able to overcome my disappointment long enough to grab the cache and then we headed home again.

Just as we pulled into the driveway it dawned on him that the whole trip had been a setup and that I thought the goose was going to try and attack him. He looked at me, shook his head and said "You're an evil woman and God will get you for this - or that goose will the next time we walk by there!"

Oh well, it was worth a try.