Uncle Kris Day

Uncle Kris didn't want a traditional funeral and so, following his wishes, we had a 'Celebrate Kris' day instead.

We gathered at my MIL's house and visited a little

while the kids played in the driveway.

We ate turkey and dressing, collard greens and potato salad and LOTS of pie.

I really like this picture because it captures the million things that are always going on at once.
My niece has her purse - she's like a little old lady, always wandering around with that purse on her arm. My BIL is in the back of the picture showing his toy drill to my FIL and warning him that he'll use it if he has to.
The Youngest Island Boy freaks out when someone points a camera at him and he's "not ready" while his cousin, who wants to be in every picture, popped up behind him LOL

After dinner it was time for our family poker game. We started with a toast to Kris. We were afraid that would be really sad but someone told a funny story and we were able to toast him and laugh - which is exactly what he'd have wanted.

And then the games began.

The Island King thought he had a winning hand so he slipped on his shades to help with his poker face LOL And notice my BIL's toy drill on the table? He was determined to protect his little pile of change LOL

Kris's dog Scrappy joined us for a hand.

Uncle R is a very cautious player and he studied his cards long and hard before throwing some money in the pot.

This particular hand was a 7 card stud game with a lot of wild cards and Uncle R was sure he had a winner. He bet big every round and we could see the confidence growing on his face. One by one the rest of us folded but the Island King kept matching Uncle R bet for bet.

The pot grew and so did the smile on Uncle R's face.

Then came the moment of truth. Uncle R proudly spread his royal straight flush out on the table, looked at the Island King and said "Beat that".

And the Island King laid his 5 queens down and said "Ok"

Poor Uncle R! The look on his face was priceless. He never even considered that anyone would have 5 of a kind.

That's the problem with having so many wild cards LOL

What were the kids doing while we played?

A little of this.

And a little of that.

And the Island Girl tried to do some of this

But that didn't last long. See her brother standing behind the couch? Right after this picture was taken he threw a stuffed mouse on her and she came off that couch like a rocket LOL

We had a good time but under it all we were a little sad. It'll take time to get used to the idea that Kris is gone.

We miss you Kris.