The Art Show

Yesterday afternoon we went to a student art show at the Island Girl's school.
The talent these kids have is absolutely amazing!

Island Girl entered this oil pastel.

Unfortunately she didn't place. She's a good sport though and didn't mind at all - she was just honored that her art teacher chose it to be in the show.

We really liked this oil painting. From across the room it looked like a photograph and I was really surprised that it didn't place at all.

These are a few of the others that we liked.

At one point I looked over and saw the Youngest Island Boy staring at this

I asked if he liked it and he said "No, it's sort of scary and it really bothers me"

He couldn't tell me why it bothered him but it was obvious that he found it disturbing and after he'd stared at it a few more minutes he walked off saying that he just couldn't look at it any more LOL