The Bridge Chronicles - No Spear Fishing

Did you know that in Florida it is illegal to spear fish within 100 yards of a public swimming area or a bridge where fishing is allowed?

It is but not everyone knows it.

Last Saturday, we were sitting at the beach when we saw the Fish and Game guys pull up under the bridge.

One of them jumped out and followed some divers that had just come out of the water up to their truck.

I guess the Fish and Game guys saw them carrying a spear gun out of the water.

While that officer was checking their IDs and cooler, the guy in the boat pulled around in front of us and talked to some different people who were snorkeling around the pilings.

And then pulled up to the beach - right in front of us. A big stretch of beach and he pulled up directly in front of us.

I mean seriously, right in front of us.

I took this picture sitting in my beach chair.

And since they were right there it meant front row seats for the Getting a Ticket for Spear Fishing show for us.

The officer had them come down and get on the boat and he wrote them a ticket.

It seemed like it took a LONG time and I'm sure it felt even longer to them.

And the whole time these guys were getting their ticket a group of people next to us were singing Folsom Prison Blues. Loud. And the louder they sang the more embarrassed the guys getting the ticket got.

The whole incident took about half an hour but finally they were finished.

The Island King wanted to ask them what the ticket was going to cost but once they got off the boat they literally ran back to their truck and drove away. I guess they'd had enough attention for one day.

A little later I was talking to one of the women sitting in the group that sang the Folsom Prison song and I said something about it being funny that they all knew the words to that song.

She smiled and said "Oh we sing that song whenever any of our friends get arrested"


I think I'll pass if they invite me to go out partying with them LOL