Congratulations Island Girl!

This morning there was an awards ceremony at the Island Girl's school and my girl was invited.


She earned an Academic Letter and an Academic Achievement Award.

I am so proud of her! I've always known she was smart but she continues to amaze me every day.

The awards were presented by the Superintendent of Schools, the School Board Chairman, and the high school principal.

The ceremony lasted about an hour and then she went back to class and I came home to find that every picture I took is a blurry mess.

Which is not surprising since the ceremony was at 7:30 this morning and I am NOT a morning person.

I spent the first few minutes after I arrived sitting there hoping none of my clothes were on inside out and then it took a little while longer for me to get the camera out and fumble around with it.

As the pictures show I obviously had all of the settings wrong.

I guess when she grows up a blurry picture will be better than no picture at all.

Mornings like this make me pretty sure that not all of her smarts came from me LOL

We're very proud of you Island Girl - good job!