I got an email yesterday from the FBI. According to the email, my name came up in a follow up they were doing regarding the Nigerian lottery - which I've won.

The email says that they see where I haven't claimed my 3 million dollars so they are sending me this email to let me know that the FBI has investigated this lottery and found it to be legitimate.

The nice email tells me that since the FBI has investigated this matter and found it to be legit that it is perfectly safe for me to claim my 3 million. They even provided a link for me to click on so I can give them the account number for the bank I want my lottery winnings deposited in.

I thought it was very considerate of the FBI to look into this for me.

The email was signed

Ajent Dan Walters
Federel Beauro of Investigation
Washingten, DC

Maybe I'll use some of my millions to send Mr. Walters back to school. After all, if you're going to work for the FBI you should at least be able to spell it - along with your title and the state you work in LOL