Fun Monday

It's Fun Monday and the assignment from Sayre is

Take your camera to work and take pictures of the things that inspire you as you work or that inspires your coworkers. Ask them (or yourself) what it is about that particular object or picture that makes the work day seem a little easier.

If you don't work outside the home, take a picture of the thing that helps you get through the day and inspires you to have the best day you can.

I have 3 different jobs and the inspiration for each of them comes from different places.

My first and most important job is homeschooling the Island Boys. Most of that takes place here, at our house.

I tried to get a picture of the Youngest doing his school work but he wanted no part of it.

My second job is working with the Island King in his photography business. I spend the majority of this time marketing his business and trying to drum up more clients, organizing and marketing his stock photos, billing clients and other bookkeeping stuff.

So when I thought about this challenge and looked around, I realized that no matter what's on the walls or out the window - the thing that truly inspires me during this part of my day is this

I don't have a big pile of money to photograph so I borrowed this image from Tracy Olson on Flickr.

I mean really.

I know that a lot of couples run businesses together but let me just tell you - IT'S HARD TO WORK WITH YOUR SPOUSE!

We have sort of an Ozzy and Sharon Osborne thing going on here, him being very creative and talented but just a blithering idiot when it comes to any area of the business world and me having a much better understanding on how a business should run.

I'm not being mean here. He's the one who came up with the Ozzy and Sharon analogy.

He's not allowed to talk to any of our clients about anything but the photos they want and I handle everything else. He agrees with this. Swears that's what he wants.

But being a very Type A kind of person he can't help but put his fingers in every pie. And that's where the hard part comes in.

We have more arguements and disagreements in our business life than we ever have in our personal one.

Away from work we both agree that the man I work with is a moron and an as#$%&@ and that the woman he works with is a mean bi&%# LOL

The third job I have is a project that I've been working on for years but it's been a lot like building a house of cards on shifting sand. I work on it for a while and then it falls down and I start again.

Currently, I'm in start again mode.

I'm trying to build an online vacation guide for our area. I spend a lot of time out taking pictures, writing about the area and deciding how to put it all together for a visitor.

And it's this that inspires me every time I go outside

Now wander over to Sayre's and see what inspires everyone else.