Magic Marker Legs

Last night the Island King and the Youngest Island Boy were playing something and the Youngest got a magic marker and drew lines on the back of the Island King's legs.

Fast forward to today.

The Island King woke up late, threw his clothes on and made it to his photo shoot with one minute to spare.

He shot several properties and then ran some errands before coming home.

I was sitting outside having my late afternoon cup of coffee when he got home and as he walked past me into the house I saw this

Needless to say, I cracked up.

He wanted to know what was so funny so I told him to look at the back of his legs.

He got a look and then said "Well that's great, now everyone knows I didn't take a shower this morning!"

He doesn't think it's as funny as I do but every time I think about it I start laughing.

And because he knows what I'm laughing at he just looks sad and tells me I shouldn't make fun of him.

I shouldn't - but I just can't help myself.