Saturday At The Beach

Saturday, we took a much needed day off from school and work and spent the day at the beach.

It was a litte cloudy and a little windy but it was still a great day to spend at the beach.

There was some fishing going on

A few boats out on Crab Island

And some diving around the bridge pilings.

We took a walk under the bridge

And down to the Coast Guard Station looking for shells. It's not quite warm enough yet but in a month this area will be swarming with hermit crabs.

The Oldest Island Boy decided to mess with his sister and thump grapes at her

He had no idea that this

Would lead to this

Which led to all out water war.

The Youngest Island Boy doesn't like water in his eyes so he grabbed his mask before he got into the fray.

Before the Island King knew it, all 3 kids ganged up on him and he started getting splashed from every angle.

They got him underwater and I thought he was a gonner but then suddenly the kids all went flying in different directions and he emerged - worn out but victorious.

The boys decided to completely cover themselves with sand

An afternoon swimming, several showers and three days later and sand is still falling out of their hair and ears LOL

It was really nice to spend the day relaxing and I'm sure it won't be long before we do it again.