Spring Break Is Over

Spring Break has come to a close around here and sadly I have no great adventures to tell you about. We'd planned a week of sleeping late and spending our days at the beach but the beach part didn't happen.

It started raining the day the kids got out of school and pretty much rained all week. There were 2 sunny days but the wind was blowing so hard that going to the beach was out of the question. Being blasted by sand whipped around in 20 to 30mph winds is not fun at all.

We were very lucky down here on the coast because the people in the north end of the county are still dealing with flooded rivers and washed out roads and bridges. We had the same amount of rain but don't have rivers and creeks that overflow to deal with.

So we spent our days doing a lot of this

A lot of that

Some of this

And even more of this

It was probably the most relaxing week I've spent in a long time. And I don't want it to end!

The kids were a little stir crazy the first few days but then settled into a comfortable routine of relaxing and keeping themselves entertained.

Today the sun is shining (of course) and we're back to our normal routine of school, work and wading through the never ending laundry pile.

Summer break isn't for another 2 months but I'm now counting the days. You'd think that after being trapped in the house all week I'd be ready to get back to normal but I'm not.

I'm ready for summer vacation and I'm sure the next 60 days will drag on forever.

And now I can't get this out of my head.