Sunday At My Parent's House

My aunt came in from California on Saturday so Sunday afternoon my parents had a small party and invited some of the family.

There was a little visiting while waiting for everyone to arrive.

My cousin has started growing her hair into dreadlocks and she had to answer a million questions. How do you do that? How do you wash it? Can I touch it?

I know she must have been more than ready for all of us to stop asking about her hair LOL

Another cousin bought an American Indian flute earlier in the day so she brought it out for everyone to see.

She can actually play it a little too.

The Island King took this picture of the kids.

After we got home I was looking at the pictures and I asked the Youngest Island Boy why he looked so mad. He said he wasn't mad - that's his "I'm cool and chillin" face LOL

My Dad cooked up a big pot of crawfish

My BIL tried to terrorize the kids with one but they weren't scared at all LOL

My husband couldn't resist messing with the kids either so he lured them into the basement

And then locked the door.

My Mom started yelling at him to let them out but as soon as he did they begged him to do it again LOL

They love that space under there. They call it the dungeon and spend hours crawling around in there. When I was a kid that space terrified me, but that might be because my cousin Frank locked me and his sister in there one time and then went back inside. It was about 10 minutes before my grandfather heard us yelling and the first thing he asked us when he opened the door was if we'd found the snake that lived in there. Needless to say, I'm not a fan of the "dungeon"!

Along with the crawfish there was shrimp and lots of other good food to eat.

The Island King brought his famous gumbo and spent a little time warming it up.

My Dad said the Blessing

And just as he finished he said "And help us all stay friends" - which brought a good laugh because in a big family that's important LOL

There was lots of eating and as my cousin grabbed a handful of shrimp she said "Ohhh, this is gonna be good!" She was absolutely right!

The Island King fixed his plate

And then we had to laugh at the Youngest Island Boy because he wouldn't eat anything but a hot dog and some mac-n-cheese.

The boy obviously doesn't know good food when he sees it!

The Oldest Island Boy however dove right into the crawfish

He couldn't get enough and ended up staggering away from the table saying that his stomach was going to pop. He did manage to make room for some chocolate cake later on though.

My parents are always happy to spend time with the grandkids.

And we were happy to see my aunt from California.

This is my Aunt Chris and Uncle Nick.

Uncle Nick is 99 years old and never ceases to amaze me.
He's as sharp as a tack and you'd never know how old he is by talking to him. I hope I'm still going that strong when I'm his age!

We had a nice time and really enjoyed visiting with everyone. Hopefully we can do it again soon!