The Bridge Chronicles - Look Before Backing

Bridge Beach is a popular drop off spot for boaters and we see a lot of boats pull up, passengers unload and then the boats leave.

We were sitting on the beach Saturday afternoon when a boat pulled up to let some people off. After their passengers disembarked, the driver of the boat began backing up so he could turn around and drive away.

As we sat and watched we noticed that the outriggers he had on either side of his boat were taller than the bridge. Before we could say anything he backed up just far enough for the outriggers to hit the bridge and bend completely in half.

The driver heard the screeching metal and looked back - but it was too late.

He put the boat in forward again but one of the outriggers had wrapped around a pipe that runs along the outside of the bridge and when he pulled forward the pipe held but the outrigger didn't.

A big piece of one of the outriggers fell, landing in the water behind the boat. The other outrigger didn't break but it bent at an odd angle.

Those outriggers are very expensive and the driver started cussing up a storm.

Before we could stop him the Youngest Island Boy yells to the man "Dude, you need to look behind you before you back up!"

I'm sure that advice from a 7 year old is exactly what the man wanted to hear right then LOL

We couldn't get the camera out in time to get a good picture but we did get this one as he pulled away.

I hate to rub it in but the Youngest is right. You should always look behind you before you back up!