Saturday In The Boat

We spent Saturday in the boat with my BIL and his family.

It was amazing how much stuff we needed for 10 people to spend the day at the beach.

There was a man standing on the end of the dock and as we were loading the boat he laughed and said that we needed a barge to pull behind us to put everything on.

One of the nice things about taking the boat to the beach is that you can go places that are normally too far to walk if you have a car to park.

We parked at a beach next to the jetties and pretty much had the place to ourselves.

I told my niece and the Youngest Island Boy to stand next to the boat and smile at me and as they were walking up to the boat the Youngest said to her "Ok, I'm gonna be the cool diver dude and you be the hot beach chick"

I think they pulled off "the look" just fine LOL

My SIL HATES to have her picture taken and of course that just makes the Island King more determined to follow her around with the camera. He'd been trying to sneak up on her to get her picture when she finally said "If you take my picture one more time I'm going to pour out all of your beer!"

Which worked because he told her that while he enjoyed tormenting her with the camera he enjoyed drinking his beer more LOL

He then went after my niece who gave him her 'why are you bothering me' look.

A dive boat pulled up with a load of snorklers and they spent the afternoon snorkling around the jetty.

Before we got on the boat Saturday morning the boys started asking if they could jump off the Cobia tower when we got on the boat.

Their father told them that they could and so they spent the whole time we were at the beach wanting to know when they could jump.

When it was finally time to take them, my BIL took the boat out into deep water and anchored.

My SIL and I stayed on the beach and before they left I warned them all that there was to be NO diving or flipping. Just jumping straight off the boat into the water. And that the Island Girl had to be in the water when they jumped, in case they needed help getting back to the boat.

They all rolled their eyes at me, called me a girl and drove off.

Once they got anchored, I was glad to see the Island Girl get in the water. Very good. They don't follow directions often so it was nice to see LOL

Then the jumping started.

The Youngest started with a cannonball

And then the Oldest tried some moves of his own. His goal was to get as high in the air as he could.

The Island Girl wanted to jump some too but she wasn't as interested in acrobatics as her brothers were.

The Youngest kept getting bolder and bolder and before long he was doing this

Which led to this

My SIL and I heard the smack when he hit the water all the way up on the beach

I said "That's gonna hurt" and then he came up out of the water just a howling.

I expected them to pull anchor and come back to the beach but they just sat out there for a while. The Island King told me later that they asked if he wanted to go back to the beach and he told them no but that he needed a minute to recover LOL

After a few minutes he climbed back up on the tower and stood there, looking down and thinking about it.

He decided to risk it but that he wasn't going to try any more aerial stunts.

We stayed until almost sunset and then enjoyed a slow cruise back to the dock.

It was a really relaxing day and we came home salty, sandy and tired.

And ready to do it all over again.