Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sunday At The Track

Tuesday is my nephew's 6th birthday so they had his party on Sunday at the Track.

And we had the whole place to ourselves.

The month of May is a slow, quiet time in Destin. The Snowbirds and Spring Breakers have all gone home and from now until Memorial Day there are very few tourists in town.

Which meant no crowds, no lines, no people except those who came to the party. The Track will be a madhouse starting Memorial Day weekend and not ending until the end of September but for now it's practically deserted.

Which was absolute Heaven!

The party started over in Kidd Kountry and my nephew and the younger kids spent time riding the Airplanes

And the Ferris Wheel

My kids said they were too old for the Kiddie rides but the Youngest did want to ride this one.

He said he liked having the whole ride to himself.

He also wanted to ride the go-karts. His sister told him he should come around to the other side of the park and ride the fast ones but he had to try these first.

I cannot begin to tell you how slow these karts go! It took several minutes for him to get around this little track just once. When he got done he told me that the Barbie car his cousin has goes faster than those karts LOL

On our way to the faster go karts we stopped so they could ride the water-gun boats.

These bumper boats are a lot of fun. They have squirt guns coming out of the steering wheels and a big stream of water shoots out a long way.

And of course the funnest part is seeing how wet you can get the other guys.

They have water guns along the side of the pool so people watching can get in on the fun.

I found a gorilla that looked so much like the Island King that I had to give him a hug LOL

We got over to the side of the park where the faster go karts are and the Youngest found out that he wasn't tall enough to drive the fastest carts but he could drive the middle speed ones.

Right after I took this picture he passed the kid in front of him and when he got finished he came up the stairs beyond excited that he'd been able to go faster than the other kid LOL

Island Girl and the Oldest Island Boy (and their father) were itching to get on the big track.

Where they spent their time trying to outrun each other.

We had so much fun and not having to wait in line really made our day!

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