Tom Thumb's Rooster

While we were at Big Lagoon, my sister told me about a rooster that lives at the convenience store just down the road from where we were. She lives out in Perdido and sees him often.

She said the woman in the store told her that the rooster showed up a while back and never left. After a few days someone that works at the store started feeding him and now he's a permanent fixture.

I had to see this for myself so as we were leaving Sunday we pulled in for gas.

And there he was.

The clerk told us his name is Harry and that whenever he's hungry he jumps up on the propane tank display and pecks on the window.

He's never aggressive but recently he's been jumping on top of pick up trucks and walking around.

She said no one has complained yet but I don't think it will be long before somebody gets mad about the rooster walking on their truck.

The kids and I agree that we wish we had a rooster living at our Tom Thumb, it would definitely make trips to the store more interesting.