We're Gonna Need Better Insurance

The other night I was so tired that I couldn't hold my eyes open any longer and at 8:00 I went to bed - which is extremely unusual for me.

And since I went to bed so early the boys were still up. They were playing quietly with their matchbox cars on the bar and I told them that at 9:00 they needed to go to bed. They agreed and off to dreamland I went.

The next morning the first thing the Island King said to me was "Did you see what YOUR son did?"

Well, no, I hadn't seen anything but whenever he refers to either of the boys as MY son I know it's not going to be good.

Hesitantly, I asked what had happened and he showed me this.

It's hard to tell from the picture but the tips of these tweezers are burnt and the metal has melted quite a bit.

I looked at them for a minute trying to decide what could possibly have happened and then he tells me that after I went to bed he was sitting at his computer and the Youngest Island Boy came running into the office, crying and saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" over and over again.

The Oldest came in behind him yelling "The whole back of the house is dark and I think I saw flames!"

The Island King said he panicked because while the boys were there with him and obviously safe, the Island Girl and I were in the back of the house asleep.

He grabbed a flashlight and went running down the hall - which was pitch black. He said he smelled a burnt smell but not smoke and the smoke detector wasn't going off but he was still in a panic trying to figure out what was going on.

As he got to the middle of the hallway the Oldest said "look at the plug on the wall" and there, sticking out of the socket, were the tweezers.

He kicked them out of the socket with his foot and then went and checked the breaker box, where sure enough, the breaker for the back of the house was tripped.

He turned the breaker back on and went back to the hall where he saw this.

The inside of the socket is black and obviously fried.

He said that the fear that the house was on fire had subsided but that when he saw the socket he lost it. All he could think about was how close the Youngest had just come to being electrocuted and how the spark that fried the socket could easily have caught the house on fire.

And when all of that sunk in he really lost it, turned to the Youngest and yelled "What in the hell?!!!!! You stuck tweezers in the plug outlet? You could have been killed, you could have burned the house down! WHY ON EARTH DID YOU DO THIS?"

The Island King is not a yeller (that's my department) and the Youngest was already freaked out, so when the Island King yelled at him, he went down in a sobbing heap on the floor.

The Island King calmed down and sat down on the floor with him and they had a long talk about what had just happened. How dangerous it was and how he should NEVER do that again.

The story goes that the Youngest was trying to catch a bug that flew into the socket.

Which isn't even a good story for Pete's sake.

His Dad and I are not buying it. He was sitting in the hall right next to the socket, saw a bug fly in, went and got the tweezers and then rammed them in the plug because he wanted to catch the bug?

He doesn't even like bugs.

I will never figure boys out and frankly I'm not sure there's an insurance company on earth that would insure us if they knew the boy.