Big Kahuna's Water Park

Each year we let the kids pick something special to do for their birthday and this year the Youngest Island Boy wanted to spend the day at Big Kahuna's Water Park.

Because his birthday and Father's Day fell on the same day this year we decided to go on Saturday instead, hoping that maybe it wouldn't be as crowded. It was still crowded but we had fun anyway.

The Youngest is absolutely fearless and this year he's tall enough to go on every slide they have. And go on every slide he did.

His favorite was the Jumanji slide. Their website says "Imagine lying on your back sliding over 70 feet of pure adrenaline free fall darkness." See that black tube in the picture?

You climb to the top of the hill, lay flat on your back and then pretty much free fall/slide your way to the bottom. Apparently there are several spots that you come up off the slide (while still inside the tube) and then sort of free fall for a minute before making contact with the tube again.

He LOVED it!

And he went by himself because the Island Girl and her Dad both rode it last year. She said it was terrifying and he said it took a month before his back recovered so neither of them would ride it and because his mother is a chicken she wouldn't even consider it LOL

He rode that thing over and over again, loving every minute of it.

Not wanting to look like a complete chicken I agreed to go on the Tiki River Run slide with him. You ride this slide on an innertube and there's no free falling so how scary could it be, right?

It was HORRIBLE!! It's just as tall as the Jumanji slide so we climbed a LOT of stairs to the top and then one by one we were helped into an innertube and then shoved down this tube.

It was PITCH dark (couldn't see your hand in front of your face kind of dark) and the tube twists and turns so you fly from one side to the other and have no idea what's happening.

Then you come into a section of tube that's still pitch dark but has lights that flash as you ping off each side of the tube.

After what seemed like an eternity I came out into sunlight and was thanking God that it was over - but it wasn't.

I was immediately plunged back into darkness and the twisting, turning, sliding continued.

The whole thing only takes about 2 minutes but it felt like an eternity. When I came out into the sunlight again I was so glad for the ride to be over that I jumped up off the innertube, and just about fell over.

I was dizzy and nauseous and truly thought I might pass out.

I staggered over to a bench and sat down next to a woman who told me that she'd gotten off the slide 5 minutes ago and still felt like she was spinning.

We sat and watched as our families did it again and both of us agreed we were too old for that mess LOL

The Island King and the kids loved it and climbed right back up to do it again.

We played in the fountains

And relaxed for a while in the wading pool.

There was a much smaller slide in the wading pool that the Youngest played on for a little while - before wanting to find bigger, faster slides to ride.

They have about 30 different slides throughout the park and I actually rode a lot of those. Just normal, slide down the water slide kind of slides - which are much more my speed.

We spent a lot of time floating along the lazy river - something I could spend all day doing.

We stayed ALL day and I can't tell you how happy I was at 6:00 when they announced that it was time for the park to close LOL

The Youngest really had fun and when we got home he looked at me and said "I'm whooped!"

He wasn't the only one. His dad and I felt like we'd been hit by a train.

I'm glad the Youngest enjoyed his birthday treat but it's going to take days for me to recover!