Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad!

His gift from my mom was a parasailing trip on Pensacola Beach, so yesterday we met her and my dad and my sister and her family over there to watch.

It was a beautiful day on Pensacola Beach.

There was about an hour's wait when we got there but it was an interesting place to wait.

They have a mini golf course and the manager gave us a free game.

And of course there was some swimming.

This place rents jet skis and they had something going on that I don't think any of the places here in Destin have - a required safety course.

The place next door had this sign out front

And they don't have a safety course.

Personally, I find the idea of 14 years olds driving 250hp jet skis pretty scary.

The place we were had 4 computer terminals set up and first renters had to pass a short quiz.

Well, they didn't have to pass on their own because we watched a guy help a cute little blond who couldn't seem to get past the part where she entered her name LOL

Then they had to sit through a short safety lecture.

Once they completed the safety course they were taken out to the jet skis and shown how to drive them.

They make the jet skis along this stretch of beach go way out away from the beach which isn't something they do around Destin at all.

And let me tell you, when you know there are untrained 14 year olds driving around out there, it's comforting to know they aren't buzzing around where my kids are swimming.

Finally, it was Dad's turn to parasail. My mom bought a tandem ride, which meant the Oldest Island Boy could go with him.

The Oldest was a little scared and a lot excited as they headed out into the Sound.

They take several people out at once and then once they're out in the channel they take turns going up.

Three girls got on the boat with Dad and the Oldest and the Oldest was immediately in love with one of them. The boy oozes charm and told the girls to wave at his dad - which they did.

And now the Oldest wants me to print the picture so he can tape it on his wall LOL

The Island Girl was using my dad's camera with a longer lens so I won't have any pictures of them up in the parasail until I get them from him.

But from the looks on their faces when they got back

I'd say they had a lot of fun.

The Oldest says it was the coolest thing he's ever done and even though my dad has done it before, he had a good time too.

After their ride, we went back to my parent's house for dinner.

Fried chicken, potato salad and baked beans outside make for a really GOOD dinner.

The kids did a little more swimming while my parents, sister and I sat on the beach and relaxed. Perfect.

The whole day was fun and I know my dad enjoyed it.

Happy Birthday Dad!