It's Red Snapper Season!

Monday was opening day for Red Snapper and after a seven month closed season the Island King and his brother, Sandman, were more than ready to get out there and catch their limit.

They left at 5:30 Monday morning and so did hundreds of other boats. Everything from 65 foot charter boats to 14 foot john boats - if it floated it was in the water.

The Island King said it was like Cannonball Run out there.

Everybody stopped in the Pass to fish for bait

and then they were out the Pass and into the Gulf, all headed for their "secret spots".

The floor of the Gulf is littered with army tanks, airplane wings, sunken boats and other piles of debris that have been dumped out there to form reefs for the fish.

The local fishermen have charted the bottom and they each have several reefs they like to fish. The Island King and Sandman were headed for a couple of spots that they were sure would be good ones.

They each pulled in a Red Snapper, a Grouper and a King Mackeral.

And then came the catch of the day.

They hooked a lemon shark about a mile offshore.

After all of that work the line broke and the shark lives to see another day.

It was a long day and a nice little catch for each of them.

Ours will end up on the dinner table tonight - something I'm looking forward to!