The Juan Sebastian de Elcano

As part of Pensacola's 450th anniversary the Juan Sebastian de Elcano sailed into Pensacola Bay on June 3rd.

I really wanted to get over there to see her but it was the last week of school and I had too much going on to make the trip.

My Dad went out to Fort Pickens the day the ship arrived and took these great photos.

The Elcano is the 3rd largest "tall ship" in the world. She was launched on March 5, 1927 and is the official training ship for the Royal Spanish Navy.

She has travelled more than a million and a half nautical miles and has sailed around the world 10 times.

This is the 6th time the Elcano has sailed into Pensacola Bay, the first time being in 1959 to celebrate Pensacola's 400th anniversary.

She's a spectacular ship and it must have been quite a sight to see her sailing into Pensacola Pass.

Dad went back out a few days later when she left, in hopes of seeing her with her sails raised, but he said they didn't get to full sail until they were about a half mile out into the Gulf and he didn't have the right lens to get a good shot of that.

Thanks for the pictures, Dad!