Bad Ju-Ju Update

It's been over 24 hours since we returned the bricks and things are getting worse.

The first sign was that my van wouldn't crank when we got home that afternoon.

Next was the fact that we had a giant yard sale and didn't make as much money as we'd hoped or get rid of as much stuff as we wanted on Saturday so we had to extend the sale and do it again on Sunday.

The kicker was when the Island King turned on his computer and found that his mother board has gone bad. Mine died last week and since his is the same kind and was bought at the same time I guess they have a built in life expectancy. Great.

Then I read the comments from my wise friends and I realized that I made the wrong choice. I left the bricks at the mausoleum when I should have put them back where I found them.

As Sayre said "now they need to be put them away."

So I'm going over there to put them away today.

Cross your fingers for me!

Oh, I got an email from my Mom this morning telling me that she did not take those rocks from a grave, she took them from a volcano and that made the Goddess Pela mad.

I didn't think the grave thing sounded right. It was the Volcano Goddess she made mad LOL