The Bricks Have Been Put Away

Sunday afternoon the Island King and I went back to move the bricks.

They were still sitting on the mausoleum step, which was a relief because on the drive over I wondered what I'd do if they were gone.

Sitting next to them was an azalea flower.

After ruling out the possibility that the flower didn't just pop off the bush and fly over to the step, we determined that someone must have left it there for Ms Mattie.

Which made me ask if perhaps we should pick a flower and leave it. The Island King looked at me like I was crazy and said "No! We aren't picking any flowers or touching anything here" LOL

He then ranted for a while saying that he couldn't even believe he was out here doing this - and for a second time no less.

The first brick had to be returned to a spot down by the water.

He might have been ranting a minute ago but notice that he's carrying the brick? Yep.

This is where the patio and brick BBQ grill used to be.

We put the brick right back in the pile where we found it.

The other two bricks came from where the home stood.

Which is pretty much where the first house is now being built.

When we got these bricks back in the fall this part of the property hadn't been cleared and the ground cover is thick now but we know this is the area they came from.

We found two piles of matching bricks so we added our bricks to the piles.

I'm not sure if these two bricks are in the exact spots we found them but they're with others of their kind and in the same general area so I think we're good.

At least I hope so because at this point there's nothing more I can do.
I've apologized, and not only returned, but put away the bricks.

My mother was able to appease Pela so hopefully this will make Ms Mattie happy LOL