The Last of The Bricks Saga

I know you must be tired of hearing about the Bad Ju-Ju Bricks but I have to share one last thing and then I promise I'll let it go.

Putting the bricks back where we found them seems to have removed the bad Ju-Ju and things are looking up.

The Island King fixed his computer for quite a bit less than we expected and we've gotten calls from 2 new clients. We returned the bricks Sunday evening and by Monday afternoon the computer was running and we've got some much needed business.

I think putting them back where we found them did the trick.

This morning I was reading the paper and almost fell out of my chair when I read an article about this same piece of property.

I posted before that the owner of the property donated it to the local college to be used as a place to teach and encourage the arts.

And that a few years later the college president decided to sell the property and use the money to put in a new parking lot at the college. Because the parking lot was adjacent to the arts building he claimed that by selling the property he was expanding the arts program at the main campus.

The family fought the sale and the whole thing went to court. A prominent judge ruled that the wording in the will wasn't specific enough and allowed the sale to proceed.

Well the article I read today says that "History hasn't been kind to the players in the Mattie Kelly estate saga."

The college president has been fired from the college and is facing criminal felony charges for his part in the Ray Sansom/Destin Airport debacle.

The judge who ruled in favor of selling the property was found dead, right before Christmas, from a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

The attorney who represented the family during the court proceedings drowned, along with his father, in a boating accident.

And then the paper says "And the Kelly family has continued to battle their own demons."

I don't know what that means but it doesn't sound good for them.

The article states that the paper tried to interview the developer but that he refused to comment. I can't imagine that in this economy things are looking rosy for him.

So the big players in the whole thing are either dead, facing prison time or battling demons.

I knew their was some bad Ju-Ju going on.

If I hadn't already returned those bricks you can bet your last dollar that I'd be taking them back today LOL