Thursday's Hail Storm

Unlike other parts of Florida, we haven't seen much rain here lately. We had a few good showers on Monday and then blue skies until yesterday afternoon.

Around 2 the sky started getting dark and I could hear low rumbles of thunder moving in from the North.

It started raining and within a few minutes it was absolutely pouring out.

The wind kicked up and I watched a tree in our backyard bend almost to the ground from the wind.

It wasn't long before I heard something hitting the roof so I went out on the front porch and was amazed to see a LOT of hail coming down.

We get hail here on occasion but it only lasts for a minute and then the hail is over.

Not this time. It just kept hailing and the hail kept getting bigger and bigger until it was about nickle size.

I know there are people out there who would laugh at my fascination with the hail because I know nickle size hail is laughable compared to the golf balls that fall from the sky in other parts, but around here, a nickle size hail storm is something worth seeing.

And because I kept expecting it to be over any minute, I chose to stand there and watch instead of running for the camera. I should have though because it lasted at least 10 minutes.

The Island King had been out running errands and he pulled in about 5 minutes into the storm and was as amazed as I was at how big the hail was and how much of it there was.

He said he'd just driven past the airport and that he saw 2 planes turned upside down on the grass out near the runway.

I wanted to see upside down planes so when it stopped storming we went to look at the airplanes.

We pulled out of the driveway and as we rounded the corner we saw this in a neighbor's yard.

We stopped to take a picture and realized this had happened in the side yard of the house next door.

We drove on around the corner and saw this at the dock.

The man who lives on this boat keeps it anchored out away from the rock wall but obviously his anchor lines didn't hold.

And there was this.

That canoe belongs to the guy who lives in the boat and it's usually tied up under the dock.

Several of the trees right there were hit making us wonder if a small waterspout touched down.

This ditch was dry this morning.

The road was covered with pine needles and bits of debris.

And when we came around the corner to the airport? Sure enough there were 2 planes laying upside down on the grass.

There were a lot of planes out there but only those 2 flipped. Weren't tied down? Micro burst? Waterspout? Don't know.

An hour after the storm moved past the sun was shining and there was a nice cool breeze blowing.

And the sound of a chainsaw running. It is Florida after all and we're used to sawing up limbs and trees after summer storms.

Glad this was only a mini.