Time To Wash The Cat

Lately we've been having a serious problem with fleas. No matter how often we wash the dogs or put flea powder on the cat they're still scratching away.

It didn't take long to narrow the problem down to the cat, Sora, who has been renamed The Fleabag.

He's got long, thick fur and no matter what we do he seems to be the prime flea host around here.

We considered our options and were left with only one choice.

The cat had to have a bath.

And if you're going to wash a cat you need to bring in the big guns.

Dawn dishwashing liquid.

I've read many times that Dawn will work much better than any flea shampoo so we decided to give it a try.

The cat could sense that something was going on but he had no idea what was really about to happen.

We've had many cats over the years but we've never bathed one before and we weren't sure how the cat was going to react.

We hooked the hose up to the water supply for the washing machine so we would have nice warm water and then the Island King held him by the scruff of the neck and started getting him wet.

The cat held real still and let them get him wet and then start to soap him up.

Not long into the lathering Sora started looking a little ticked off.

By the time they were hosing him off to finish, Sora was really mad.

Once he was clean I wrapped him in a warm towel and he sank down in my lap with a sigh of relief.

I was afraid he'd be mad at us but he seemed a little freaked out and all he wanted to do was snuggle.

Poor Sora. He didn't like his bath at all but we were shocked at the dozens of dead fleas that fell off that cat.

See the black dots on the towel? That's only a small portion of what came off of him.

After washing the cat we had to wash the dogs too.

Buddy the Beagle likes his bath

The minute he realizes he's getting a bath he stands up on his back legs

He stays that way through his whole bath

Jake the Fiest doesn't really like to be bathed but he stands real still, hoping it will be over quick.

At the end of it all I was amazed at the dead fleas that fell off the animals.
We've tried many different kinds of flea shampoo but I've never seen so many dead on the spot fleas as I saw after we used the Dawn.

And not one of the animals is scratching tonight.

I think this Dawn thing worked and even though the cat wasn't real happy about his bath I know he feels better now.