What Custer Was Thinking

A woman decided to have a mural painted on the wall of her dining room.

She called a local artist and when he arrived she showed him the wall and told him she wanted him to paint a mural of Custer's Last Stand.

The artist shook his head and told her that he was a surrealist and that he painted more about ideas and philosophies.

The woman looked inspired and said "That's perfect! Paint what you think Custer was thinking at his last stand."

The woman left on a 2 week vacation and when she returned home the painter proudly led her to the dining room, where she saw a mural showing cows with halos, standing on cliffs, overlooking a valley filled with Indians having sex.

The shocked woman gasped and demanded an explanation.

"Well," says the painter, "I thought about Custer's Last Stand and I figure he was thinking
"Holy cow, Look at all of those F***ing Indians!"


That cracks me up every time I hear it LOL