Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Yard Sale Shocker

For the past several months I've been cleaning out closets, drawers and cabinets trying to get rid of some of the clutter. As I've pulled things out I've piled them in the Florida room.

My MIL started cleaning out stuff at her house and brought by several loads of stuff as well so this past weekend we had a big yard sale.

We had a nice steady crowd and the kids enjoyed sitting outside watching and visiting with everyone as they came by.

And then it happened.

A car pulled up and a woman got out. A woman wearing a little tiny little bathing suit top and an even smaller pair of bikini bottoms.

Did I mention that this woman had to weigh at least 350 pounds? And that's a conservative guess.

I've got no problem with chunky girls - I'm one myself - but to see a woman that big in a bikini was quite shocking, especially at a yard sale.

I looked over at both my boys and started saying silent prayers that neither would blurt out something like "Mom! Do you see that?!"

I watched both boys take in the sight and thankfully realized they weren't going to say something embarrassing.

The woman browsed for a minute and then turned around - and we can now see that the little bikini bottoms are actually a thong.

As she turned her back towards us she bent over and when she did I thought the boy's eyes were going to pop out of their heads. Absolutely nothing was left to the imagination.

And that was NOT a pretty sight.

Both of their mouth's fell open and I could see that the Youngest was gearing up to say something. Which probably wasn't something I wanted the woman in the thong to hear.

Lucky for me there was an older man standing there with us, watching the whole thing and I think he realized the Youngest was about to say something so he said "Boys can you come over here and show me these fishing lures?"

Thank God! The man looked at me and winked and I knew he was Heaven sent.

I can't imagine what the Youngest was going to say but I'm positive that all of his manners were going out the window and in true kid form something brutally honest was about to come out of his mouth.

The woman looked around for a few minutes and then got in her car and left.

Talk about a close call! The last thing I would want is for my children to say something rude or hurtful to someone - but you can only ask so much from a kid.

As she drove off, the Island Girl looked at me and said "There just needs to be some kind of line that people don't cross."

While I commend that woman for being comfortable with her body, I have to agree with the Island Girl - Some lines just shouldn't be crossed.
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