Claudette Update

Tropical storm Claudette came ashore last night about 3 miles west our house.

Because we were so close to the center, most of the wind and rain stayed a little to the east and north of us.

We walked outside last night just after the center came ashore and it was a little windy with an occassional gust but nothing like the wind we've been seeing with our afternoon thunderstorms.

We've had some good steady rain as well but not the downpours they've been getting to the east of us.

All in all, you'd never know this was a tropical storm.

We spent the evening making a big pot of beef stew and playing games. At one point one of the boys asked when the storm was coming and we told him it was here right now. He looked confused and said "You can't even hear the wind blowing out there"

Today, it's cloudy and a little rainy and there are the occassional wind gusts but for the most part Claudette is over.

Very uneventful - which is good since I'm not a big fan of 120 mph winds and 10 foot storm surges.

Let's hope any other storms we have this season are as mild as Claudette.