Goof Proof Doesn't Always = Idiot Proof

I have a mobile that's been sitting on my dining room table for a week, waiting for me to glue one of the birds back together.

So today I looked for the super glue I normally use and couldn't find it but I did see this on the Island King's desk.

Notice that it says Goof Proof.

I dabbed a little on the mobile and then held the two pieces together for a minute so they could bond.

They didn't bond.
The pieces fell right apart as soon as I let go.

What didn't come apart were my fingers - which bonded quite nicely to the broken piece of mobile.

And by bonded nicely I mean they were glued on tight. Really tight.

I went out into the office to show the Island King and see if he had any suggestions for getting the piece of mobile off my finger.

He held my hand up, pulled gently on my fingers and then gave me a really funny look.

I was trying to figure out what that look meant when he grabbed my fingers and YANKED them off the mobile.

I later learned that funny look was a "Sorry but this is really going to hurt" look.

It did hurt. And now my fingers are stinging like they're on fire.

Which is possibly a result of having the skin ripped right off of my fingertips.

I don't know where they got the 'Goof Proof' that they put on their label but obviously Goof Proof doesn't equal Idiot Proof.