Happy 100th Birthday Uncle Nick

Yesterday was my Uncle Nick's 100th Birthday.

The Knights of Columbus threw a big party for him at his church last night and of course we drove over for the celebration. You know you just don't get invited to a lot of 100th birthday parties.

Uncle Nick is truly an amazing man. You would never know that he's 100. He's sharp as a tack, still drives, and moves around without the help of a walker or cane.

He danced with Aunt Chris at the party and the whole room watched in absolute awe.

Can you imagine dancing with your spouse on your 100th birthday?

He told stories about his life

And took lots of pictures with his family.

It was nice to visit with so many of my cousins. At one point the Island Girl said "Are we related to all of these people?"
I laughed and told her not all of them but certainly the majority of them LOL

The Knights served up hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken wings and the food was really good.

My Mom wanted a picture of her grand kids so we took them outside to get a picture.
It took about 10 pictures to get one where everyone was looking at the camera.

The Island King was wrangling the kids and trying to get them to stand still and smile and at one point he looked at me and said "This is why I don't take people pictures - the houses I shoot all stand perfectly still" LOL

It was a nice party and Uncle Nick really enjoyed himself.

100 might sound old but Uncle Nick makes it look like 21.