Perseids Meteor Shower - Or Not

Did you see the Perseids Meteor Shower Tuesday night?

Tuesday morning I was reading the paper, saw an article about the meteor shower, and realized that I've never seen one.

So I planned a night mission to the beach for us all to watch the meteor shower.

I got snacks and drinks and told everyone to be ready to go at 9pm.

Island Girl didn't want to go (why are teenagers like that?) but the boys wanted to come and bring a friend and I was sure that we'd have a good time.

The Island King, who never really listens when I talk, just nodded his head and threw a few "Whatever you want to do babe" comments at me and went on with his day.

When it was time to leave he came in scratching his head and asking where we were going and what we were doing so I explained, again, about the meteor shower and how I thought we'd be able to see it really well if we went to the beach and watched the sky out over the Gulf.

He looked skeptical but decided to go along with the plan so we loaded the truck and off to the beach we went.

We got to the beach and what did we see? Clouds. Big, dark, storm clouds. And because of the clouds we couldn't see the moon, any stars and most significantly, no meteor shower.

We were sitting on the beach, looking at the storm clouds when the Island King said "Did you check the weather before we left?"

Hmm. No, I didn't think to check the weather. I read about the meteor shower, made plans and never factored in the weather.

So we sat there for a while and the kids ran up and down the deserted beach and we didn't see the first meteor.

It was peaceful and relaxing so the night wasn't a complete bust.

But I still haven't seen a meteor shower. Maybe next time.